2 Facts That You Didn't Know About Lucky & Kelly!

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Today we will be diving into some fun facts that you probably had NO IDEA about!

Things that are exclusively shared on LucianoTV, and now will be shared to our loyal Lucci Gang family! 

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Fact #1:

Lucky looks taller on camera than he actually is in real life. Most people don't know this until they see him in person! When Kelly asked him if he was embarrassed by this, the simple response was "NOPE"!  So no little man complex here maaaayne!! 

Kelly admitted to not knowing how to BAKE! We all know she is a beast in the kitchen, but sadly not the case with cookies, muffins, or anything with dough! She did note however that she can do Chicken! 

Fact #2: 

Lucky is a recovering alcoholic and has completed a 12 Step Program. Along that journey, he realized he had a lot of baggage from his past. He came out of the program a new man and recorded an entire Mixtape appropriately titled "Recovery". 

Kelly has been robbed at GUNPOINT!! Yes, it's true our poor Kelly Jean was robbed at gunpoint and not just once, but a few times. She describes the entire situation as "a long period of time". So it wasn't just a quick robbery, the minutes passed by and felt like hours. Not a cool situation at all. 

Thank God she was OK, and survived to tell the story. 

That was a quick preview of yesterday's daily vlog on LucianoTV! If you would like to hear 8 more facts on Lucky & Kelly, you can watch the full episode below. 


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